Biobank and Histopathology Services


The HKSTP Biobank and Histopathology Services (previously named as Biobank and as referred below) is established to enable biomedical research through access to high quality samples in academic and commercial institutions, fostering innovative discoveries and improve treatment options.

Our Vision

To serve the research community of Hong Kong as a centralized resource at the highest international quality standards to accelerate biomedical research — benefiting the public with common good.

The Mission

The HKSTP Biobank shall process, store and distribute biospecimen to facilitate biomedical research activities, foster innovative discoveries and improve treatment options.


Highly secure and quality controlled repository

Our setup and operation follow the international biobanking standards to ensure high quality services, with access control and equipment monitoring and emergency response procedures implemented.

Serving your research purpose

Histopathology and cytology services for research purposes—to facilitate R&D of companies as well as academic groups in Hong Kong.

High standard and professional service

With a Quality Management System implemented, our experienced staff (include registered MLT I) ensure accurate and efficient processing of biospecimen sent to the lab.


Repository Services
  • Storage
    • Freezers
    • Cryogenic
    • Blocks / Slides
  • Deposits and retrieval
Histopathology & cytology R&D services
  • Paraffin block embedding and sectioning
  • Paraffin section for DNA or RNA tube (can include H&E slide)
  • Tissue dissection and processing
  • Tissue section slides staining (H&E)
  • Section slide mounting
  • IHC automated staining system
  • Smear slides staining (H&E)

Introductory Video Of Biobank