What Is Medicon

The Medical Technology Integration Consortium (MedICon) programme is a technology-matching marketplace for R&D projects to advance biomedical technologies. It aims to augment the strengths of our innovation and technology ecosystem for all stakeholders.

MedICon is under the auspices of the HKSTP Biomedical Technology (BMT) Cluster. The BMT Cluster has over 150 companies working on the entire patient journey from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, to monitoring and rehabilitation covering oncology, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, ageing-related diseases and more.

Together with MedICon, our Healthy Ageing Platform aims to expedite the adoption of gerontechnology and serves a critical role in promoting awareness, connecting solution seekers and solution providers in the ecosystem. The Platform advocates collaboration among technology companies and industry stakeholders for the well-being of everyone.


Why Medicon

We believe in Healthcare Integration, a concept of bringing together various stakeholders and services along the entire patient journey from prevention, diagnosis, to treatment, and rehabilitation. The ultimate goals is to improve patient outcomes and healthcare access. The diverse portfolio of companies in HKSTP provides a perfect ingredient for innovative solutions through collaboration.

What Can Medicon Do For You?


  • After learning about your company’s needs, MedICon will expedite your collaboration with potential partners on complementary R&D projects.

Awareness activities

  • We host seminars, workshops and events regularly to promote awareness of healthcare integration and to engage different parties for idea exchanges and collaborating opportunities. Themes include genomic medicine, oncology, healthy ageing, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and others.

Who Can Join?

If you are a HKSTP partner company, a (potential) end user of any biomedical technologies, or an entity looking to co-develop with our companies, you are welcome to join MedICon.

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