NUK Café

NUK Café originated in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2015. The name “Nuk”, which is equal to “Nook” in English, carries a meaning of “the corner” in the Cambodian language. It conveys NUK Café’s aspiration to provide a tranquil and cozy corner to our customers in the hectic city, so that they can enjoy themselves in the environment filled with rich coffee aroma. Collected from all over the world, all signature premium coffee beans of NUK Café are roasted in NUK Café Cambodia. We produce small batches of beans to ensure the high quality of our coffees. On the other hand, we promote sustainable development of the Cambodian community actively. To show our support to the Cambodian young artists, we collaborate with local art schools in Cambodia and exhibit NFT art pieces regularly. Also, we sell daily necessities and food made in Cambodia to encourage the development of women’s organizations, schools, etc.