21 Sep 2023

Sirnaomics Group Moves into Hong Kong Science Park to Jointly Write a New Chapter for Biomedicine Development in Hong Kong

Sirnaomics Ltd. (“the Company” together with its subsidiaries referred as the “Group” or “Sirnaomics”, stock code: 2257), a leading biopharmaceutical company engaging in the discovery and development of advanced RNAi therapeutics, along with its subsidiaries RNAimmune and EDIRNA, announced its official move into Hong Kong Science Park.

Key Takeaways

  • The strategic partnership between the Sirnaomics Group and HKSTP leverages the Group’s leading position in RNAi therapeutics and Hong Kong’s inherent strengths to bridge connections with the mainland market and facilitate the Company’s global expansion, and to inject fresh momentum into Hong Kong’s innovation and technology development.
  • Sirnaomics previously received funding from HKSTP’s Clinical Translational Catalyst programme for the clinical trial of STP122G, an anticoagulant therapeutic. This support enables the translation of cutting-edge research into practical medical advancements, benefiting patients with substantial unmet needs in anticoagulant disorders.
  • The presence of the Sirnaomics Group and its two US subsidiaries, RNAimmune and EDIRNA, at the Hong Kong Science Park underscores Hong Kong’s unwavering commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and healthcare development excellence.