29 May 2024 - 30 May 2024

2024 Systems Engineering Workshop for Complex Intelligent Systems

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29 May 2024 - 30 May 2024


Conference Hall 4-7, 2/F, Building 10W, Hong Kong Science Park

Recent years, as systems become more and more complex, especially with the introduction of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, software-intensive system and autonomous system technology, traditional system analysis, modeling and engineering methods will no longer be applicable to these new complex intelligent systems. We need to update systems engineering methodologies or toolboxes. Or further, use innovative technologies to create new systems engineering methodologies and tool chains. For example, artificial intelligence technologies are used to solve the problem that new complex intelligent systems are not applicable in traditional system engineering. At the same time, the current artificial intelligence technology itself relies heavily on data, and its system engineering process, such as requirement, design, modeling, testing, etc., also challenges traditional system engineering methods applied in artificial intelligence technology.

To promote collaboration between industry and academia, facilitate knowledge exchange, and advance the field of systems engineering, top researchers are invited to explore the intersection of systems engineering principles, methods, and practices with emerging digital and artificial intelligence technologies. The workshop will discuss (not limited to)

  • Digital Engineering and Digital Twins
  • Digital Transformation in Systems Engineering
  • Advances in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Advances in Requirements Engineering, Validation and Testing
  • Value-based and Agile Systems Engineering
  • Application of Large Language Models in Systems and Software Engineering
  • Systems and Software Engineering for Large Language Models
  • Uncertainty and Complexity Management in Systems Engineering
  • Trust and Autonomous Systems
  • LLM-powered Autonomous Agents
  • World Models – Linking Data-based and Symbolic Knowledge
  • Human-Systems Integration and Symbiosis
  • Systems of Systems
  • Systems Thinking

This workshop provides a platform for research and industrial community interest on system-level problems and applications. This event comprises 2 days of presentations and panel discussions. Welcome to register and join.


  • Department of Systems Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP)
  • IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society, Hong Kong Chapter
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

Conference Chairs

  • Joseph Sifakis
  • Min Xie

Organizing Committee

  • Jianxi Luo
  • Jianping Wang
  • Zijun Zhang

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Co-chairs & Speakers

Co-chairs and Speakers