Partnership stories

3 Mar 2023
China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association visits Hong Kong Science Park promoting local and national biomedical development

18 Jan 2023
HKSTP and Roche join hands in strategic collaboration leading HK and GBA in pioneering life science innovation in AP, and setting an example for the region

23 Dec 2022
OrbusNeich’s IPO serves as a beacon for Hong Kong’s health tech sector, as the first medical device company in Science Park hits major milestone

12 Dec 2022

9 Nov 2022
樂齡科技應對人口老化 科技園內初創 展示創新成果

2 Nov 2022
樂齡科技博覽開鑼 科技園率45間園區公司參展

21 Sep 2022

8 Aug 2022
Driving Biomedical Innovation in Hong Kong

17 Jun 2022
科技園與勃林格殷格翰推出計畫 共同培育生物醫藥初創企業

23 May 2022
醫療創新| 科學園兩夥伴企業硏發抗癌藥 晚期癌症有望轉為慢性病

Park company stories

10 Nov 2022
英矽智能夥賽諾菲研發藥物 藉AI跨學科合作 潛在價值達94億

22 Aug 2022
繼新冠口服藥及抗衰老研究後再取得突破 科技園夥伴英矽智能以AI破解「漸凍症」

5 Aug 2022
【生物科技】漸凍症不再是絕症? 英矽智能研AI平台分析數據 發現潛在治療靶點

1 Jul 2022
‘Monumental’ call: Hong Kong can be China’s international I&T hub, Xi Jinping says on visit to city’s Science Park

13 Apr 2022
Why Hong Kong’s biotech funding boom can have positive impact on start-ups and community

19 Jan 2022
AI藥物研發加快 英矽智能與復星合作

ITR & InnoHK

1 Mar 2023
Secretary of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau introduced the latest HK I&T development to JLABS Asia Pacific team.

27 Feb 2023
Secretary of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau introduced the latest HK I&T development to the delegation of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association.

27 Feb 2023
HKSTP and Roche forge strategic collaboration to spur life science innovation and build hub

26 Feb 2023
Financial Secretary was impressed by Ecoinno’s zero plastic disposable tableware, which is produced from Ecoinno’s unique plant fiber based technology. Biotech promotes sustainability!

Insilico Medicine has received FDA Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) for its AI-discovered drug (INS018_055) to treat rare chronic lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)!

18 Jan 2023
Two Science Park companies launch health management platform

12 Jan 2022
AZ-CICC Healthcare Fund - a joint investment

12 Jan 2022
Who would’ve thought that as many as 81 types of gut microbiota are linked to Long COVID?

13 Oct 2022
Hong Kong’s next era fuelled by innovation

A Healthy Future


科大發現阿爾茲海默症發病機制關鍵 有助研發更簡單安全治療策略

Fighting Alzheimer's disease: Hong Kong's Science and Technology Parks

應科院夥InnoHK眼視學中心 研AR治療視障者

Immuno Cure is making history as its newfound therapeutic vaccine for HIV has got approval from China's National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to conduct phase 1 clinical trial!

HiFiBiO Therapeutics has received its 3rd FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) clearance, this time for its novel anti-BTLA monoclonal antibody (HFB200603) to target DIS™ selected solid tumours.