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Medical Device Testing Laboratory (MDTL) is committed to providing our customers with professional testing, lab access and consultancy services

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MDTL is an accredited testing laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by International Accreditation Service (IAS), a US accreditation body.

With test reports recognizable globally, MDTL is your partner in navigating the regulatory compliance and testing process, enabling you to build trust with your customers and end users.

MDTL is capable to provide mechanical, physical,, environmental testing and more. MDTL supercharges your startup with quality testing equipment.


Clients can access MDTL to use our state-of-the-art lab equipment at an affordable price. Access duration can be as short as one day.

Our lab is equipped with a wide range of equipment that enables clients to efficiently prepare, verify, and validate samples and products. Whether it's material characterization, environmental testing, sample treatment, or electrical testing, we provide the necessary tools to support your diverse research and development projects.

MDTL Equipment List


At MDTL, we offer all-round services around our customers' needs. We provide technical solutions for next-gen Medtech startups that require testing, validation, ISO certification and registration for your products.

MDTL will support you from designing test fixtures, material and failure analysing, developing new test methods, establishing quality management systems, to assisting in pre-market regulatory submission, etc.

What MDTL offers:

Test Applicable Standard
Tensile/Compression Test EN 10002-1,  ISO 6892-1,  ISO 10555-1,  YY 0285.1,  ASTM D638,  ISO 572-2,  ISO 37,  ASTM D412
Static Bending Test ASTM F1264,  ASTM D790,  ISO 178,  YY 0591
Static Torsion Test ASTM F1264,  ISO 18338,  YY 0591
Fatigue Test ASTM F1264,  ISO 14801,  ISO 1099, 
YY 0591,  YY/T 0521
Environment Test  (Temperature & Humidity) IEC 60068-2 Series
Corrosion Test ISO 3651-1 (Huey Test), 
ISO 3651-2 (Strauss Test)

​ MDTL testing capability is not limited to the standards above. For others, please contact us.

Equipment List

MDTL Equipment List

Introductory Video

MDTL E-Workshop

This E-Workshop is to learn about various industrial standards adopted for different products. We'll also showcase how MDTL's equipment aids R&D across multiple applications and industries.

Please click to MDTL E-Workshop Playlist for more information.

MDTL E-Workshop (March 2024): Introducing ISO 14801


Location and Operating Hour

Unit 109, 1/F, Building 15W
15 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park
Operating Hour
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays): 09:00 – 18:00​

Price List

MDTL Price List

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