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At HKSTP, we believe that true innovation happens when divergent minds work together. Break boundaries and collaborate with experts from across our technology clusters to solve today’s greatest challenges - Smart City, Healthy Ageing and Robotics. As a collective, we can shape the future and change lives.

Healthy Ageing

Everybody deserves to live longer, stay healthy and be socially active. Innovative technologies can enable people’s well-being throughout their lives. Our Healthy Ageing Platform strives to:

  1. Educate – We help potential users understand the latest technologies from park companies and their applications, and assist park companies in advancing their technologies to meet market needs;
  2. Promote – We introduce technologies to the potential users;
  3. Connect – We connect potential users with park companies for potential collaboration.

Our platform’s potential users include non-governmental organizations, nursing homes, day care centres for the elderly, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, clinics, universities, other educational institutions and more. The Healthy Ageing Platform navigates with the potential users, park companies and all stakeholders for the betterment of the elderly and people in Hong Kong with innovation and technology.

To explore, please contact:
Ms. Jessica Lam at +852 2629 6787 / jessica.lam@hkstp.org  or
Ms. Holy Lam at +852 2629 6839 / holy.lam@hkstp.org


Design the next generation of robotic solutions to better serve human needs. Unite your engineering expertise to advance artificial intelligence, cognitive research, deep learning, machine language, and human interface development. AT HKSTP, turn your robotics ideas into real products. 

In 2019, we hosted the first international symposium on construction robotics to boost new thinking in the infrastructure sector. 

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Smart City

Build the foundation for the future of urban living in one of the world’s most connected cities. Streamline the city and improve the way we live by solving challenges in mobility, green technology, fintech, eHealth and waste management. By leveraging our infrastructure, IoT technologies and big data analytics, get your hands on critical data to build your business and model the future.

Learn from world-renowned experts and share your ideas at our smart city conferences and symposiums. Access a wealth of data to drive your innovation on our multi-source, open platform. Collaborate with government departments through theme-based technology forums and events. Find out how technology partners, government departments and industry players can come together to transform public service and commercial applications with the latest technological solutions.

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