ClubONE on the PARK

Shop No.:
2177 5155
S061-S066, G/F, 12W
Operating Hour:
12:00 noon – 11:00 pm (Mon – Sun)

ClubONE is a restaurant chain and they are enthusiastic in promoting the idea of ClubWedding. ClubONE on the PARK embraces the nature with its design emphasized on environmental awareness. The venue can cater a maximum of 49 tables with its outstanding flexibility to fit the needs of customers. is a perfect venue for:
1. Dining
2. Corporate Events
3. Chinese & Western Weddings
4. Cocktail Parties
With their outdoor gardens, customers can have a closer taste with the peaceful atmosphere of Science Park. In addition, their experienced event team can ensure that customers will have an unforgettable banquet with them!

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