The Keywords of Health, Innovation and Technology

HKSTP and HK01 launches the “The Keywords of Health, Innovation and Technology” video series in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong. Through the 3 themes of “Protecting Wellbeing through Spreading Love”, “Raising the City’s Health Index with I&T” and “Discoveries in BioTech”, the series of 8 episodes demonstrates the breakthroughs and improvements brought on by R&D in Science Park. Find out how I&T benefits society and public health through better living environments, diagnostics technologies and drug discoveries.

A Wall and a Piece of Net for Improving Air Quality

Keeping indoor environments clean is essential during the pandemic. HKSTP startups Bravolinear and Ecolink talk about how they protect public health through air quality-enhancing technological innovations: a wall and a piece of net.

Bright Minds in I&T Acting as Angels in Pandemic

RHT Limited, which mainly develops air purification technology, and Sanomics, which focuses on liquid biopsy technology, both expressed their concern and encouragement to medical staff with practical actions during the outbreak, and joined the public in fighting the disease.

Two exciting applications of photocatalytic coating technology

Hygiene alertness is increased amid the coronavirus outbreak. The two Science Park companies, Sambo Tech and Titanology, invented self-sanitizing face mask and door handle with photocatalytic coating technologies respectively, playing their crucial roles in everyday life.

Thermal detection system enables a safer life during the epidemic

Find out how thermal imaging sensor solution provider Meridian Innovation and wildfire detection network developer Insight Robotics are contributing in the regime.

Breakthrough innovations harness technology

Breakthrough innovations harness technology - micro-lightning generated by Plascide can eliminate bacteria and atomized ozonated water can disinfect! Hygeatec and GRN Consultant, our two incubation companies, strive hard to protect public health.

Biotech brings hope for patients

Health is a priceless wealth, particularly for those who are living with chronic illnesses. Our companies BCT and Sinomab share their innovations in drug discovery technology.

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