Sidhant Gupta

Co-Founder, Clearbot (Open Ocean Engineering Limited)

Hailing from Bangalore, India, Sidhant Gupta is the founder of Clearbot, an AI-powered, self-navigating boat that can automate marine cleanup, oil clearing, foam removal and other critical maritime tasks without any pollution or manpower requirement. While removing water pollutants, the robots have also helped generate actionable data for governments. Sidhant has been passionate about robotics since he was young. His goal-driven mindset has led him to break two world records in robotics: a national record for making India’s smallest robot in 2013, and a Guinness World record for the fastest robotic fish in his Vayu project at The University of Hong Kong in 2020. Combining his love for robotics and desire to change the world, Sidhant is determined to pioneer a sustainable future for ocean mobility through Clearbot.

“Innovate today and spark the change you wish to see in the world!”