Ricky Wong

Vice Chairman & Group CEO, Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited

Mr. WONG Wai Kay, Ricky is the co-founder, Vice Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited (SEHK Stock Code : 1137). Starting from City Telecom (H.K.) Limited to provide alternative IDD services, to the establishment of a territory-wide fibre network to provide super high speed broadband services to the mass market, and further to build Hong Kong’s largest online shopping mall and digital ecosystem “HKTVmall”, he strongly believes that we can make our lives better with technology. Currently, Mr. Wong is leading the Group to transform into a technology enabler and engaging in various projects including exporting unique eCommerce solutions, experiences and technical knowhow to assist other retailers to build their own online shopping mall, as well as developing a Fully Automated Retail Store and Systems.

“Be a person who dares to fail.”