Lit Fung

VP, Managing Director – Overseas, Geek Plus

With more than 10 years of experience in logistic automation, Lit Fung has been changing the way warehouse tasks are done with his autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The VP and Managing Director of Overseas Business at Geek Plus, a leading smart logistics company, integrates his specialisation in AI and robotics with his in-depth understanding of the eCommerce and retail industries to propel automated logistic solutions for various market-leading brands worldwide. To date, his company has been providing efficient and reliable AMRs to over 500 global industry leaders in retail, apparel, pharmaceuticals, 3PL, automotive, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, electronics, and many other industries.

“In the next ten years, AI and robotics will dramatically change how we view automation in the warehouse environment. Be part of this change by making innovation happen today!”