Joe Leung

Director, Smart (Technology) Global Limited

Wanting to place innovation at the heart of the iron and steel industry, Joe Leung sought to introduce technologies that will not only address its ageing workforce, but also prevent people from deeming the industry obsolete. One of these innovations introduced in 2017, the Rebar ABC, is an automated steel cutting and bending machinery that can be readily used onsite, reducing labour intensity as well as preventing workplace injuries and accidents commonly associated with manual operations. In 2022, Rebar SMP will utilise standardised design, automated production, intelligent management, innofacturing of product distribution and supply to manufacture high-value-added products and create various types of job opportunities. Joe’s automated machines are seen to save on electricity costs on construction sites, promote sustainable development and ESG goals, as well as attract more young people to join the steel bar bending industry.

“By innovating, you are giving yourself the opportunity to improve industries, lives, and society. Look around and see where your talent and ideas can take you!”