Humphrey Leung

Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Solomon Systech (International) Limited

One of the very first entrepreneurs to set up operations in Science Park, Dr. Humphrey Leung founded 2 companies namely Solomon Systech Limited and Growgreen Limited. Solomon is a global IC company producing display IC commonly used in the world renowned mobile phones and portable devices. Dr. Leung used a new fabless IC design business model, focusing the company resources on IC design and marketing, while outsourcing the manufacturing. Dr. Leung grew Solomon into a multinational company and was listed on the HK Stock Exchange in 2004.

Growgreen is established with an aim to address the global concern of food shortage and green living. His team has made indoor planting more viable by developing aspara, a hydroponic smart plant grower that stimulates natural and optimal conditions for growth. Available for use in homes, schools, and communities, aspara has helped plants to grow faster using less energy and with zero contaminations.

“Most people let reality shape their beliefs. Innovators turn their beliefs into reality. Be the latter!”