Felix Wong

Sales Director, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited

Felix Wong has introduced an innovative ordering system to the traditional logistics business with his startup, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited. Together with an IT expert partner, he developed LOGFLOWS, Hong Kong’s first cloud service platform for drivers, transportation companies and forwarders. This low-cost B2B platform offers a huge benefit especially for many SMEs who usually do not have the funds typically needed for system upgrades in the industry. With this one-stop service system, users can perform order placement, rostering, tracking, payment, and contractor identification. It can also generate reports on turnover data and order numbers, giving business owners insights on how to improve their processes and provide better customer service. It also features a partnering service, enabling logistics companies to outsource and connect with potential transportation team partners.

“Know your target business and customers. Find a team who shares your vision, and trust your growth process.”