Edmond Yau

CEO, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited

As the Founder & CEO of the first medical 3D printing manufacturer in Hong Kong, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited, Edmond Yau is an expert in the moulding and plastic industry. His pioneering work of producing metal 3D-printed PSI and surgical instruments has enabled localised additive manufacturing, providing timely treatment to patients by eliminating the need for importing prostheses and surgical implants. Additionally, Koln 3D is also helping minimise surgical risks and speed up recoveries with its tailor-made precision PSIs. Having completed over 70 cases in Hong Kong and its neighbouring regions, his team is currently working on a drug-releasing bone plate, envisioned to provide pain-relief for post-surgery patients.

“You can turn any idea into reality. Don’t be afraid to become a pioneer!”