HK AI and Robotics Forum for Healthcare

Date & Time

Date: 28 Mar - 29 Mar 2024 (Thursday & Friday)


March 28th: Charles K. Kao Auditorium. March 29th: MFR 2-3, INNO2, 2/F, Building 17W, Hong Kong Science Park


Join us at the HK AI and Robotics Forum for Healthcare, where we explore the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and healthcare. As the AI revolution gains momentum, we witness a surge of interest in large-scale AI models both locally and globally. In the healthcare sector, AI technology holds immense potential, offering precise and efficient support while driving continuous advancements in medical practices.

Organized by the Centre for AI & Robotics (CAIR), HKISI-CAS, this forum aims to foster collaboration between government, industry, and academia to promote medical progress. Together, we will delve into the future of robotics and AI in healthcare, discussing cutting-edge topics and addressing critical challenges.

The forum will cover diverse themes including but limited to the following:

  • The application of AI in medical image analysis.
  • Key problems and application prospects of real-time medical simulation.
  • Medical soft robotics and minimally invasive robotic surgery.
  • How can multimodal medical sensing and AI benefit each other?
  • The key problems to be solved in the application of multi-modal AI large model in medical treatment.
  • How to build a multimodal large model-driven embodied intelligent robotic system? 

This forum serves as an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts to gather, exchange ideas, and envision the future of AI in the healthcare domain. We invite you to join us and be part of the transformative journey towards a more advanced and intelligent medical landscape. Attached is an event calendar for your reference.

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