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Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Response to the Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address

10 Oct 2018

In this year’s Policy Address, the Chief Executive has put forward additional measures to promote Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) development, injecting resources to enhance Hong Kong’s research and development (R&D) capabilities, foster an enabling environment for I&T as well as promoting smart city development and drive re-industrialisation.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) welcomes the HKSAR Government’s continuous support for I&T development. HKSTP, as the key I&T driver, has been witnessing an encouraging I&T atmosphere in recent years, and an increasingly vibrant I&T ecosystem with boundless opportunities in recent years. Through close collaborations and joint efforts of various stakeholders, significant investment has been drawn to technology companies, and a diverse range of R&D solutions have been adopted by leading corporations. 

Talents are critical to I&T development, nurturing talent is one of HKSTP’s strategic focuses.  The Government will strengthen support for researchers and university R&D work. The Technology Talent Admission Scheme and the Post-doctoral Hub Programme launched earlier are welcomed by the Park companies which will subsequently bring in more I&T talent to Hong Kong. The two I&T clusters focusing on healthcare technologies and artificial intelligence and robotics technologies are going to attract high calibre talent and help unleashing their research capabilities, thus fuelling the long-term growth of the I&T industry.

We are pleased to see that the Government is actively promoting smart city development and deploying a range of measures envisioned in “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint”. To complement with the smart city development, the “Smart Campus” in Hong Kong Science Park serves as a living laboratory to provide a test-bed for various innovative products and solutions, including smart lampposts built to facilitate traffic management and collect real-time data. The Data Studio established by HKSTP will also share open datasets with developers to come up with more innovative solutions.

Re-industrialisation can be a new potential pillar for future economic growth. The Precision Manufacturing Centre (PMC) and the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) at HKSTP’s industrial estates provide ideal technology and infrastructure support for re-industrialisation, hence promoting smart production and developing high value-added industries. The PMC, as a case in point, is now the base for four enterprises focusing on precision engineering and assembling, new material manufacturing and advanced indoor hydroponic industries respectively. In this regard, we will fully support the Government’s initiatives to deploy more resources to expedite re-industrialisation, and to build manufacturing facilities required by the advanced manufacturing sector in the industrial estates. 

Dr Sunny Chai, HKSTP Chairman, said: “We are encouraged to see that this year’s Policy Address reaffirms the Government’s unwavering support for I&T development. In this golden age with rich opportunities, HKSTP will continue to collaborate closely with stakeholders in the Government, industry, academia and research community to capitalise on unprecedented opportunities, and promote stronger synergies across different ecosystems, thus creating a more vibrant and vigorous I&T environment.”

With the leadership of the Government, the concerted effort of the community and the opportunities arising from the Greater Bay Area, we believe that more vibrant I&T environment will be created and more entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for young people will be provided. We will continue to ensure prudent use of our resources to strengthen support for our incubatees and partner companies, and strive towards the goal of developing Hong Kong into an international I&T hub.


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