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HKSTP Tech Ventures Honoured with International Innovation Awards at CES 2024

20 Startups from the Hong Kong Tech Pavilion Demonstrate R&D Strengths Overseas

04 Jan 2024

Key Takeaways

  • HKSTP announces two of its Park companies have received “CES Innovation Awards” at CES 2024. AI Guided Limited’s "GUIDi™ Smart Belt" was awarded in the "Accessibility and Aging Tech" category, and Sitan Semiconductor International Co. Limited’s "0.13" micro-LED Display Module" in the "XR Technologies and Accessories" category.
  • HKSTP will collaborate with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ltd to participate in CES 2024.
  • The delegation will establish the “Hong Kong Tech” pavilion to showcase a variety of local R&D achievements across four cutting-edge innovation sectors: “AI and Data”, “Advanced Manufacturing”, “Life & Health”, and “Sustainability”.

(Hong Kong, 3 January 2024) – The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is proud to announce that two of its Park companies have received “CES Innovation Awards” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. Their exceptional product innovations have garnered international acclaim, leading the way in tech trends and solidifying local R&D capabilities.

Both award-winning companies are graduates from HKSTP’s Incubation and Acceleration Programmes. AI Guided Limited’s "GUIDi™ Smart Belt" won in the "Accessibility and Aging Tech" category. This smart belt uses MEMS and AI technologies to provide real-time, comprehensive navigation and route guidance for visually impaired individuals, enhancing their safety and independence while travelling. The "0.13" micro-LED Display Module" by Sitan Semiconductor International Co Limited, notable for its ultra-high pixel density (10,000 ppi), won in the "XR Technologies and Accessories" category, offering AR/XR products a display option that boasts high brightness, long lifetime, and high efficiency.

The CES Innovation Awards represents the highest distinction at CES, recognising products that demonstrate unparalleled innovation over the past year. These products are evaluated based on their engineering quality, aesthetics, design, practical value, uniqueness, and their impact on improving quality of life.

Ir Dr HL Yiu, Chief Corporate Development Officer of HKSTP, inspired by the Park companies’ success, said, “We are thrilled to witness numerous Hong Kong tech ventures showcasing their latest products and solutions at this premier global exhibition and achieving outstanding results. This demonstrates the impressive R&D potential of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) sector. HKSTP remains steadfast in its mission to enhancing the local startup ecosystem and unlocking more market opportunities. We are dedicated to supporting tech ventures in their efforts to go global and attract foreign investment, driving Hong Kong’s reputation as an international I&T hub.”

Dr Steve Kong, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AI Guided Limited, said, “Despite the rapid pace of technological advancement, the needs of the visually impaired community often remain overlooked by society. As I received education and grew up in Hong Kong, I am firmly committed to making Hong Kong the launchpad for our AI technology. With the recognition from the CES Innovation Awards, our goal is to elevate our independently developed products to the global arena, harnessing technology to deliver greater care and convenience to society.”

Dr Zhaojun Liu, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sitan Semiconductor International Co. Limited, said, “At Sitan, we have always been devoted to the advancement of micro-LED technology, working tirelessly to reach the pinnacle in ultimate display technology, with the aspiration to ‘illuminate the world with our microchips’. We are honoured that our 0.13-inch micro-LED display module has been recognised with the CES 2024 Innovation Award (XR Technologies and Accessories Category). Our gratitude goes to the HKSTP Incubation Programme for its unwavering support, which has been crucial in allowing us to demonstrate Hong Kong's exceptional scientific research achievements to the international community.”

This year, HKSTP, will join forces with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ltd (HKEIA) to lead a contingent of 20 Hong Kong innovative technology enterprises in CES 2024, scheduled from 9 to 12 January 2024. The ‘Hong Kong Tech’ pavilion, set within Eureka Park, a space specifically designed for startups, will operate under the theme “Innovation Meets Global Spotlight”. The exhibit will showcase a variety of local R&D achievements across four cutting-edge innovation sectors: “AI and Data”, “Advanced Manufacturing”, “Life & Health”, and “Sustainability”.

Furthermore, Ir Dr HL Yiu, Chief Corporate Development Officer of HKSTP, will attend the “Talk to China” dialogue series, a forum organised by esteemed tech and business media outlet TMTPOST Group. During his keynote address, he will share his insight on cutting-edge I&T trends, industry development, and how HKSTP is fostering startups to expand into global opportunities.

Recently, a number of leading Mainland enterprises have declared their intentions to set up operations in Hong Kong Science Park, underscoring Hong Kong's distinct advantages and scientific research prowess as an excellent platform for companies to extend their reach into both Mainland and international markets.

For instance, CATL, a world-leading innovator in new energy technologies, plans to establish its international headquarters and an R&D centre in the Science Park. They have earmarked an investment of no less than HK$1.2 billion and the formation of a 500-person-strong R&D team, aiming to boost Hong Kong's burgeoning new energy and green technology sectors. Moreover, NETA Auto will set up its international headquarters in Hong Kong, recruit nearly 600 R&D professionals, and construct a smart R&D centre of over 40,000 square feet. Similarly, J2 Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co, Ltd has projected a substantial investment of HK$6.9 billion in Hong Kong, with plans to build the city’s first Silicon Carbide (SiC) advanced wafer fab and reach annual production capacity of 240,000 SiC wafers in 2028.

CES is renowned as the world’s largest consumer electronics show, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. Within CES, Eureka Park serves as a vibrant hub for startups from around the world, showcasing their new products, services, and innovative ideas while promoting investment and collaborative opportunities.

For more information on the latest R&D technological achievements from Hong Kong, please visit the “Hong Kong Tech” pavilion. Below please find the details:

CES 2024

Date: 9 to 12 January 2024

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, US

Booth No:  Hall G – 63400, Eureka Park, Venetian Expo

“2024 CES Talk to China Dialogue” Forum Series presented by TMTPOST Group

Speaker: Ir Dr HL Yiu, Chief Corporate Development Officer of HKSTP

Date: 10 January 2024

Time: 10:00am – 10:20am (US Time)

Venue: Booth #2401, Tech East, Westgate, Las Vegas, US 


In addition, the HKTDC is also establishing a Hong Kong Tech pavilion within the Design & Source Zone at CES 2024, leading a number of Hong Kong's SMEs to exhibit and seize global market opportunities.  Visitors are welcome to visit the Hong Kong Tech pavilion at Westgate, located at booths #1901-1911 (odd numbers), #2000-2010 (even numbers) and #2519-2523 (odd numbers).

Photo 1: AI Guided Limited’s “GUIDi™ Smart Belt” received an award in the “Accessibility and Aging Tech” category in CES Innovation Awards. This smart belt offers real-time, 360-degree navigation and route guidance for the visually impaired through MEMS and AI technology, enhancing their travel safety and independence.

Photo 2: The “0.13'' Micro-LED Display Module" developed by Sitan Semiconductor International Co Limited features an ultra-high pixel density (10,000 ppi) and provides AR/XR products with the advantages of high brightness, long lifetime, and high efficiency. It also received an Innovation Award in the “XR Technologies and Accessories” category at CES.

Photo 3: HKSTP announced that two Park companies have been awarded the “CES Innovation Awards” at CES 2024. HKSTP, in collaboration with the HKTDC and the HKEIA, will lead 20 Hong Kong tech ventures to participate in CES 2024, which will be held from 9 to 12 January 2024.

Appendix 1: The two HKSTP Park companies awarded at CES Innovation Awards 2024


Company Name



AI Guided Limited

Accessibility & Aging Tech

GUIDi - AI Smart Belt

Product Description:

GUIDi is an AI smart belt empowering the visually impaired by implementing MEMS and AI technology to wearable devices. We help users achieve their personal and highly intelligent navigation system independent of the internet or GPS. The device works with dual wide-angle cameras, a customised edge AI module with sensor integration, a haptic navigation system, and voice command. The accompanying mobile app allows convenience by featuring voice command support and over-the-air updates, ensuring continuous improvement and cutting-edge functionality. Goodbye to limitations and hello to freedom as GUIDi empowers the visually impaired with a seamless navigation experience in any environment.


Learn more

Sitan Semiconductor International Co. Limited

XR Technologies & Accessories

0.13'' Micro LED Display Module

Product Description:

Sitan’s 0.13'' 1024*768 Micro-LED Display Module features ultra-high pixel density (10000ppi). With the inherent advantages of high brightness, long lifetime, and high efficiency of micro-LEDs, it is the best choice for display units of AR/XR products.


Learn more

Appendix 2: List of 20 Hong Kong tech startups to be exhibiting at the CES Eureka Park section, within the “Hong Kong Tech” booth (Booth number: Venetian Expo, Hall G — 63400 — Eureka Park)




Company Name


Advanced Manufacturing

Atom Semiconductor Technologies Limited


Life & Health

AI Guided Ltd


AI & Data

D-Engraver Limited


Advanced Manufacturing

Direct Drive Technology Limited


Advanced Manufacturing

Doctech HK Limited



Film Players Limited


Life & Health

HairCoSys Limited



Invisible & Innovative Technology Co Ltd


AI & Data

Mangdang Technology Co, Limited



Novelte Robotics Ltd


Advanced Manufacturing

Raysolve Technology Company Limited


AI & Data

Scan the World Limited


Advanced Manufacturing

Sitan Semiconductor International Co Limited


Life & Health

Syngular Technology Limited


Life & Health

Talos Innovation Limited


Advanced Manufacturing

Watts Optical Instruments Ltd.



XOXO Beverages Limited


Life & Health

Zoo Gears Limited


Life & Health

Aura Circle Limited


AI & Data

Big Bang Academy


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