JC PROcruit C is a one-year professional traineeship programme created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Together with 10 industry convenors and over 200 committed and forward-looking employers, the programme offers on-the-job training, coaching and professional network building facilitation for first-time-job-seekers, with a total of 600 one-year traineeship opportunities in 16 future-oriented job roles across four emerging sectors namely Creativity, Technology, Business and Healthcare are offered, helping the young graduates to develop their work readiness and carve out their professional pathway.

HKSTP is the Industry Convenor for Technology for Good under JC PROcruit C. With this programme, you will be able to join the Innovation and Technology (I&T) sector at one of our partner companies in one of the three roles: Business Development, Design, and Product Marketing. You will kickstart your self-discovery journey and enhance your future employability – all while creating social value to the community!

Why JC PROcruit C

  • Embark on a professional career with a year-long traineeship
  • Get into your desired profession with a two-week tailor-made on-boarding bootcamp and professional career coaching sessions
  • Grow your professional knowledge and network through on-the-job training and mentorship
  • Contribute to the community by innovating and creating social good at the workplace
JC PROcruit C Group Photo


Business Development Trainee
  • Help identify scenarios for technology adoption in caring industries.
  • Facilitate commercialisation and increase clients’ satisfaction for caring products and services.

Design Trainee
  • Add new and fresh perspectives to the design / creative process of innovative caring products.
  • Support the digital transformation and innovation of businesses to meet rising demands for user-experience platforms (UI/UX)

Product Marketing Trainee
  • Promote companies’ innovative products to their target users to advocate the use of technology in addressing social needs.
  • Contribute to the growth of caring technology in Hong Kong by enhancing market and public awareness.


All of our trainees have onboarded, thank you for your support!