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Hong Kong InnoAcademy Society (HKIS) is an association that brings together young talents who dare to dream big and shape the future of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong-Macau-Guangdong Greater Bay Area (GBA) through innovation and technology (I&T). 

The society is run by dedicated, forward-thinking alumni in different career stages from HKSTP InnoAcademy’s talent programmes such as the Technology Leaders of Tomorrow (TLT) Programme. Some of them are researchers, engineers, even entrepreneurs whose stories can be an inspiration. See below to get to know them!



Rigil Yeung (Chairman)
Associate Manager, Zhaoke Ophthalmology Limited

Haoqi Wang (Vice chairwoman)
Researcher, SenseTime Group Limited

Ivan Mang (Vice chairman)
Engineer, Simbury Limited


(Ranked in alphabetical order of last names)

Jenzen Fung
Mechanical Engineer, Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited

Perry Ko
Re-Founder, Actywell Digital Limited

Law Chun Kit Tommy
Engineering Associate, Simbury Limited

Ho Chun Leung
Senior Computer Vision Engineer, TCL Corporate Research (HK) Co. Ltd

Mia Liu
Researcher, Infotronic Technology Limited

Rexanne Lee
Data Analyst, AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

Patrick Qida SU
Assistant Manager (Data Scientist), Airport Authority Hong Kong

Wayne Zhao
Associate Project Manager, Lee’s Pharm

HKSTP Representatives


We at HKIS are proud to be and work in Hong Kong, a global city nestled between two huge markets: GBA and Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Hong Kong has top universities and plenty of capital from the financial market, and its start-up scene is growing rapidly. We believe the future is bright for Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem, and from Hong Kong we can look outward to the GBA and the international stage and change the world.

With that said, we aspire to help young, ambitious talents passionate about driving change to tap into the opportunities offered by our I&T scene. We aim to inspire young minds to find a career path in Hong Kong and the GBA’s I&T ecosystem and connect them to the resources and networks needed for their I&T career journey.

We believe a strong community of diverse and dedicated talents can boost confidence and enable like-minded people to work together and inspire each other about the many I&T opportunities we have here in our region. Therefore, we want to unite talents of all stripes who are passionate about working in our I&T landscape. 

Together, we can make Hong Kong a greater hub for I&T and I&T the career of tomorrow and drive change in the world.

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Have questions about our programmes and activities? Don’t hesitate to contact us via our email innoacademysociety@hkstp.org!

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