6 Oct 2023

HKSTP Launches 200 InnoCell Accommodation Units at Weave Studios – Kowloon West to Attract Global Talent

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) takes initiatives to attract international I&T talent by partnering with leading rental accommodation provider Weave Living to supply an additional 200 InnoCell units at Kowloon West.

Key Takeaways

  • HKSTP takes initiatives to proactively lure global talent by addressing the accommodation challenges.
  • In the Policy Address last year, the Government announced the proposal to build a new InnoCell near Science Park. Whilst the related planning is underway, HKSTP adopts a flexible approach to provide an additional 200 InnoCell units at Kowloon West.
  • I&T talent can enjoy affordable spaces at two locations – Hong Kong Science Park and Kowloon West with a unique co-living experience including first-rate facilities, urban neighbourhoods and engaging opportunities tailored for the InnoCell community. Residents can unleash their curiosity to discover the local culture as well as the charisma of HK.