HKSTP Venture Fund

HKSTP Venture Fund

Growth is collective. The collaboration between the public and private sectors is fundamental to the healthy growth of our startup ecosystem. As the corporate venture capital arm of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, HKSTP Ventures aims to incorporate the resources of HKSTP and private sector investors to foster the growth of early-stage technology startups. Our fund plays a pivotal role in providing new businesses with the startup investment they need, driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and fuelling the growth of the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.


HKSTP Venture Fund focuses on providing financial support to promising startups that demonstrate high growth potential and innovative ideas. We make direct investments into startups in the seed stages up to series A and co-invest with private investors to nurture early-stage technology startups. By bridging the gap between investors and startups, HKSTP Ventures facilitates the flow of capital, expertise, and networks necessary for startup growth. In doing so, these startups can develop their products, scale their operations, and expand their market reach.

Through HKSTP Venture Fund, we encourage investors and venture capitalists to invest in early-stage startups that are making a positive impact. Our fund's investments are not solely driven by financial returns but also by the desire to support innovative solutions that can address societal and industry challenges. With all the investment returns going back into the ecosystem, we are able to increase our resources to fund more and more promising early-stage startups.

Why Join HKSTP’s Startup Ecosystem?

HKSTP is the largest innovation and technology hub in Hong Kong and a world leader in this field. Our comprehensive network of tech startups and venture capital companies has helped many companies acquire the resources they need to succeed and grow. The HKSTP Venture Fund provides a dedicated platform for investors to connect with our global network, creating unique value for our investors and startups. This global reach enhances investment opportunities, fosters cross-border collaborations, and facilitates knowledge exchange to fuel the growth of startups and the overall innovation ecosystem.

With our incredible track record in securing startup investments for promising new businesses, we have helped these companies secure follow-on investments and bring their innovative products and services to market. HKSTP Venture Fund has become a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and technological advancements in Hong Kong.

Through its strategic investments, HKSTP Venture Fund contributes to the development of a robust and vibrant startup ecosystem, positioning Hong Kong as a thriving hub for technology and entrepreneurship. For more information or to become part of our investment community, email us at

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