Che Chi Ming

Managing Director, Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Limited

Che Chi Ming is the Chair Professor in the Department of Chemistry of The University of Hong Kong. As Managing Director of the Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Limited (LSCCB), he leads the integration of Chemical and Biomedical Sciences for the treatment of diseases with an emphasis on cancer and traditional Chinese medicine therapeutics. Prof. Che, a prolific researcher, and his team have contributed to health-related studies spanning several topics such as Sustainable and Green Catalysis for the Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals, New Targeted Anti-cancer Metal Medicines and Natural Products and Derivatives for combating Metastatic Cancers, Chemical Biology of Traditional Chinese Medicines, and Multi-Omics Technologies, among others. As well-equipped laboratories start to emerge outside tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, the professor believes that this is the golden time for the development of science and technology in Hong Kong.

“Now is your golden opportunity to innovate. Be passionate in doing the work that you do and success will follow.”