Kiyotaka Ando

Executive Director, Chairman & CEO, Nissin Foods Company Limited

Always thrilled and motivated by tasty food, Kiyotaka Ando currently leads the mainland China and Hong Kong operations of Nissin Foods, which changed the world’s food culture with its invention of instant noodles and signature Cup Noodles. Nissin has celebrated over 60 years of providing convenient food globally and has expanded to offer more than just instant noodles. Continuing Nissin’s philosophy as "Earth Food Creator", Kiyotaka leads the company’s purpose of gratifying people with food derived from Earth-cultivated ingredients. Today, his team continues to be guided by five six-decade-old key development principles, namely delicious taste, safety, convenience, preservability, and affordability, and seeks to further inject “nutritiousness” and “eco-sustainability” into their products to cater to consumers’ changing social needs and preferences.

“Make sure that your innovation will serve society and contribute to humankind. This is exactly why instant noodles was invented and why it is still needed today.”