Helen Meng

Director, Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII)

Prof. Helen Meng is internationally recognised for her research in multilingual speech, language processing, multimodal human-computer interaction, and big data analytics. As Director of the Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII), she oversees CPII's vision of realising the promise of AI and achieving transformative benefits for society. She lends her vast experience in systems engineering and disciplinary research to help the Centre run research programmes covering Visual Intelligence and Speech & Language Intelligence for the healthcare, urban services, and innofacturing sectors. Through CPII, she hopes to confront some of the world’s most pressing challenges by conducting and deploying cutting-edge research for impactful applications spanning several strategic areas. Prof. Meng received all her degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

“Dare to transform how things are done. Face challenges head-on and build a greater tomorrow.”