Alex Zhavoronkov

CEO & Founder, Insilico Medicine Hong Kong Limited

Seeing the potential for AI to transform drug discovery, computer scientist and biotechnologist Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD launched Insilico Medicine in 2014. His end-to-end AI-powered platform, Pharma.AI, has helped make it possible to produce novel, life-saving medications faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than traditional drug discovery methods. To date, the company’s leading drug for treating pulmonary fibrosis is showing remarkable potential, and is the first AI-discovered and AI-designed drug to reach Phase 1 trials. Under Alex’s leadership, Insilico has raised over $380 million and funded its soon-to-launch AI robotics lab. The Insilico CEO & Founder began his career in longevity research, developing AI-based biomarkers for aging.

“When we combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence, anything is possible.”