Master Class Series: Microelectronics in the GBA

What it is

Take your place in the booming microelectronics industry, currently a magnet for investments and fresh talent. Gear up for a fruitful MicroE career in this first-of-its-kind series of five expert-led webinars, themed "Advances and Opportunities in Embedded Systems in Hong Kong and GBA".


Why join

Get exciting intel on the latest MicroE trends in Hong Kong and the GBA, and the career opportunities available to talent like you, straight from industry pros from Huawei, Arrow, HKU, HKUST, and more.


Who it’s for

Local, Mainland and international I&T talent interested in exploring a thriving MicroE career in the GBA


Webinar details

Catch these activities, all happening online on 14, 16, 21, 23 and 30 March 2023!

  • Embracing Opportunities: Fuelling the Microelectronics Ecosystem in Hong Kong and the GBA
    Details: HKSTP and representatives from partner companies Simbury Limited and High Tech Technology Limited will share an overview of the microelectronics and embedded systems in Hong Kong and the GBA, including market and R&D trends.
    Date 14 Mar 2023(Tue)
    Time 3pm-4:30pm

    Dr. Carmen K.M. FUNG, Associate Director, Strategic Development, Corporate Development Division, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

    Dr. Meikei IEONG, Chairman of Simbury Limited

    Dr. David NG, CEO of High Tech Technology Limited - Adjunct Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong

    Language English
  • New Development and Opportunities: An Introduction of Microelectronics in Hong Kong and the GBA

    Mr. King LIU of Arrow Electronics will present the latest MicroE developments and industry applications in the GBA, from engineering careers in Shenzhen to developments in software, hardware, and embedded systems, and trending engineering applications covering AIoT, Automotive, New Energy, and more.

    There will also be a virtual company tour, plus a GBA career experience sharing session with a young talent from Arrow Electronics.

    Date 16 Mar 2023 (Thu)



    Mr. King LIU, Manager, Application Engineering, Arrow Electronics

    Language Mandarin
  • Microelectronic development and opportunities in Hong Kong

    Dr. GENG Yanhui of Huawei will discuss MicroE applications and future industry opportunities in Hong Kong and the GBA.

    There will also be a virtual company tour, plus a GBA career experience sharing session with a young talent from Huawei.

    Date 21 Mar 2023 (Tue)



    Dr. GENG Yanhui, Director, Hong Kong Research Center, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

    Language Mandarin
  • From Research to Commercialisation: Cutting-edge Research in Embedded Systems in Hong Kong & GBA
    Details Dr. Ngai WONG of HKU and Dr. C. Y. TSUI of HKUST will present cutting-edge research on Edge AI chips and AI hardware accelerator design, including commercialisation opportunities for these research outcomes
    Date 23 Mar 2023 (Thu)
    Time 3pm - 4:30pm

    Dr. Ngai WONG, Associate Professor of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

    Dr. C. Y. TSUI, Head and Professor of Division of Integrative Systems and Design, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Language English
  • Overview of Semiconductor Technology and Business Development: How Companies can Gain Competitive Advantages in the Greater Bay Area's Microelectronics Industry

    Concluding our Master Class Series, Dr. Bob Z. CHEN of HKSTP will present support resources available to microelectronics startups in Hong Kong and the GBA, including advanced manufacturing developments as facilitated by the new INNOPARK Microelectronics Centre.

    Additionally, Dr. Kelvin PUN of Compass Technology Limited will share his experience working in the MicroE industry in the GBA.

    Date 30 Mar 2023 (Thu)
    Time 3pm-4:30pm

    Dr. Bob Z. CHEN, Assistant Manager, Industry Development Re-Industrialisation Division, HKSTP

    Dr. Kelvin PUN, Chief Technology Officer Compass Technology Limited

    Language Cantonese / Mandarin




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