Company Details

Xammax International Limited

Hong Kong
+852 24803100
Mr. Jimmy Wan

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Xammax International Ltd. with its corporate headquarters located in Hong Kong Science Park, its product design engineering team in USA and China, is a fully integrated ODM and OEM manufacturer. This organic company structure and management network allows us to have close contact with our customers, core parts suppliers and manufacturing partners, and to manage new projects and monitor production effectively.

Our company mission is to create world class products and services which help reduce energy consumption, enhance a global green ecology, and provide innovative solutions related to water treatment and water shortage.

Since its inception in ‘1988 Xammax has assisted numerous product design, engineering services, ODM and OEM manufacturing for the market leaders in their respective industries. The products include electric mobility products, educational toys, solar lighting and charging products, atmospheric water generating and water treatment machines.

With this full spectrum of products there is a common thread connecting them – they all require complicated and proficient design engineering inputs, precision production tooling and well managed production process control. Our engineering competence, dedicated services and application focus lead us to business partnering opportunities with leading companies worldwide.

Atmospheric Water Generators
With the rising demand of water usage, and the ever diminishing source of clean water worldwide; 1/3 of world population lack access to quality water source. This pressing global crisis requires multi-faceted solutions: from water preservation, pollution control to technological solutions such as desalination and water filtration. At Xammax, we have developed a line of atmospheric water generators that extracts moisture in the air and turns it into clean drinking water. These machines are best suited to areas with adequate humidity but with very low rain fall or countries with polluted water resource.

Solar Lighting Products
Consumers are keen to take steps to reduce energy waste. Recent mass adoption of solar PV has driven down the cost significantly enabling a wide range of consumer applications. Our product portfolio includes our patented solar paver, outdoor and indoor lighting products, and a range of solar chargers for personal electronic devices. Xammax is a business partner of Nokero (, a leading global distributor of proprietary designed solar lighting products.

Electrical Mobility Products
Xammax has a proven track record on developing and distributing electrical mobility products for over 15 years; and has been granted several invention patents. Our expertise includes proficient mechanical and electronic design, and delicate manufacturing management. These proven capabilities allow us to bring new product concept to mass production efficiently.