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TriTerra Technology Limited

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Mr. Vince Leung

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TriTerra Technology Limited is a graduate of Incu-Tech program in the Hong Kong Science Park. We are a team of innovators to provide the best and innovative mobile power supply devices and systems ahead of technology trends. From the technical side, we provide a full package of power electronic solutions including inverters, battery management system (BMS), IoT module, mobile App, SaaS Server, charging circuit, DC power supply, bypass circuit, maximum power tracking system (MPPT), thermal dissipation mechanism, EV battery grading system. TriTerra owns several patents covering technical, application, and design, which helps us work out innovations without stopping. Besides, TriTerra endeavours itself in revalue wasted resources and materials into practical products. With our technical background, TriTerra connects with several automobile companies to retrieve their wasted electric vehicle batteries and remodels them into multiple kinds of meaningful devices. TriTerra headquarters in Hong Kong, and running branch offices in Shenzhen China and Nanjing China.

Our partners come from worldwide, including Tesla Motors Hong Kong Limited, Swire Properties Limited, HK Automobile Association, OV Loop, Inc.

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Kaihon1000 is ultimately weatherproof (IP35) and the most compact power station on the market, mobile app is enabled to allow you to control ports and monitor power usage right from your phone. Built-in surge allowances and multi-stage protection means great compatibility with more devices ranging from light to power tool, refrigerator to air conditioner, giving you the confidence to power anything, anywhere. The unique Charge & Go feature secures applications from battery drawn. The detachable torch brightens your outdoor activities considerably.

IP35 Weatherproof
With our patented mechanical design and special electrical configuration, Kaihon1000 is the unique one in the market that can achieve IP5 waterproof level. The feature enables the real practice of applications outdoor whenever on rainy days, or for water sports.

1000W Pure-Sine-Wave AC Output + 250W DC Output
With 7 versatile ports to pick from, Kaihon1000 keeps all the necessary gear powered up anywhere. It features higher surge capacities for greater compatibility with more power-hungry devices and the latest in USB-C PD Power Delivery capable of charging larger USB devices like laptops.

The synergy between the built-in IoT system and smart battery management system features remote control and task scheduling to every individual power socket over a mobile app. With the feature, users can even enjoy a cheaper electric cost by scheduling power charges from the grid at midnight. Kaihon1000 is well protected 24/7, operation status is under user’s sight wherever and whenever. Warning alerts will be pushed to user’s mobile when outstanding cases happened.