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Rayben Technologies (HK) Limited

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Company Background Information:
Lokin Holdings Limited is the mother company of Rayben Technologies, with its manufactory facility based in China with a sales network covering Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany and the US. We have been delivering cost-competitive and time-critical PCB products for almost 2 decades since 1992. Acknowledged as a respected and reliable supplier for our world-class customers, we support their growth through the entire cycle of product design, prototyping and short time to volume. Since 2008, we have dedicated substantial resources in the research, design experimentation and development of a full range of thermal management solutions for LED. Thermal substrates play a much more critical role to LED performance than conventional PCB to electronic devices. They are an active component that contributes positively to the overall system value of LED. Good thermal solutions increase light extraction efficiency, reduce heat loss, enhance luminous flux, and eventually increase LED lifespan. Rayben vows to span a footprint in the value chain and become a worthy player in the LED industry.

Nature of Business:
A leading innovator of thermal substrate solutions for the LED industry, with the highest standard and winningest applications in SMD, COB, or any hybrid, with a broad spectrum of our own patented solutions, or MCPCB, or FR4 and so on.

Activities in Science Park:
We provide sales and application technical support services.