Company Details

Linthin Technologies Limited

Unit 530, 5/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
Mr. Justin Zhao

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Established in August 2022, Linthin Technologies Ltd is an innovative sports bioelectric technology company specialised in developing sports-medicine smart wearable devices and artificial intelligence big data systems in the Hong Kong Science Park. It practices R&D of innovative bioelectric systems with its proprietary algorithms, new materials and AI (artificial intelligence) automatic diagnosis technology. Inserting itself in the competitive sports, national fitness and sports rehabilitation market, as well as the human-machine interface market, Linthin provides total solutions integrating intelligent Internet of Things, platforms and applications. Its main product, MetaCAFC, is the first EMG wearable test device using electronic skin in China.

The R&D team of Linthin is led by Chairman Justin Zhao and Co-founder Dr. Greg Li, who are domain experts in the communication field and orthopaedic rehabilitation and sports medicine respectively. Half of the company's team have a master's degree or above, possessing scientific research capabilities in the fields of bioelectronics, sports physiology, sports rehabilitation, and electronic information. With the tenet of "inclusive sports technology, sharing a happy, healthy and high-quality life", Linthin hopes to improve the physical fitness of people through technology and promote scientific sports training so that Chinese people can live healthier and happier lives.

Linthin’s MetaCAFC product is a smart wearable device devices using electronic skin for real-time measurement and monitoring of ECG and EMG. It uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate and analyse analyze sports indicators and guide sports training. Key features include:
1. ECG test, including displaying the original ECG;
2. Heart rate test, giving average heart rate, maximum heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate interval;
3. Calculating calorie consumption;
4. Original EMG test with sampling frequency up to 4KHz;
5. RMS, iEMG and other algorithms;
6. Muscle discharge total power algorithm and muscle fatigue algorithm;
7. Timing of multiple muscle groups;
8. Muscle exertion speed.

The electronic skin used by MetaCAFC can tightly attach to human skin to prevent signal collection distortion caused by sliding. Its innovative material formula keeps the resistance stable and maintains accurate signal collection even when sweating.

The front-end ECG, EMG, and breathing three-in-one integrated sensor is a high-precision bioelectricity acquisition device, in which the EMG acquisition reaches 4KHz and the ECG acquisition reaches 2KHz, making it the EMG and ECG product with the highest sampling rate in the industry. It uses double-layer algorithm calibration under the collar to ensure high data accuracy. The front end adopts IP67 waterproof technology, which can reach 30 atmospheres underwater for 24 hours without water leakage, with the and the total weight being is only 10g. The light weight and water resistance makes the product suitable for use in all scenes of sports and life.