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Hong Kong Kaopu Technology Co., Limited

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Hong Kong Kaopu Technology Co., Limited  is committed to achieving the "four zero" vision based on the pain points of people's communication and privacy: acquaintance social "zero" management, outbound roaming "zero" fees, information security "zero" privacy, identity verification "zero" threshold; let an app automatically update personal and friends'contact information, solve the telephone Internet fees after leaving the country, and In the absence of user privacy information at the same time, to provide more convenient and secure functional services.

Starting from acquaintances'social intercourse, the product solves the problem of updating people's contact information and ensures that contacts with acquaintances are not lost; starting from the point of communication pain of outbound roaming, it solves the problems of roaming expenses and updating temporary numbers; providing password library functions and new social relationship verification methods in personal data and privacy, so as to make the management of information more convenient and secure!