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EightOSix Technology Company Limited

Unit 707, 7/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
'+852 57038102
Dr. Miya Ng

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EightOSix Technology Company Limited is founded in Jun 2021. We believe in the limitless possibilities of electronic design. Flexible electronic devices are now increasingly commonplace in this new era of wearable and IoT technology. We have created revolutionary flexible, fast-charging textile-based lithium batteries that fit in perfectly with the growing market.

Flexible and wearable electronics – from smartwatches to flexible displays, health monitoring garments, and even robotics – are increasingly commonplace in our daily life. However, existing lithium-ion batteries for powering these products are rigid and bulky, causing discomfort to users.
Under the supervision of Prof. Zheng Zijian in the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at PolyU, we have created revolutionary flexible lithium batteries to solve the problem.
To replace the metallic foil used in conventional batteries, we have fabricated metallic fabrics by coating textiles with a thin layer of metal with our patented technology. As the textile is light, flexible and durable, and has large specific surface areas, our batteries show excellent mechanical flexibility and high energy density. At present, our textile-based batteries could achieve a high energy density (>450 Wh/L), remarkable flexibility (100% capacity @1000 folding cycles, bending radius ~1mm), and excellent cyclic stability (>80% capacity @500 charge/discharge cycles).
When compared to conventional batteries, our textile-based batteries are really stable under deformation and have proved to be penetration- and impact-safe. Based on our technology, we won four prizes at the 43rd and 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva as well as the PolyU Microfund 2021.