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Room 636, 6/F ,Building 17W, No.17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 95017377
Mr. Akira Higuchi

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CogSmart is a healthcare technology startup having bases in Hong Kong and Japan, originating from Tohoku University. Our philosophy is to spread the idea of dementia prevention by healthy lifestyle and “Lifelong Healthy Brain” based on the latest medical studies. We aim to contribute to the decrease in the future number of dementia patients, extension of life expectancy in the coming super-aging society, and making social costs manageable. We strive to reduce the burdens caused by dementia and contribute to social sustainability.

CogSmart is a university spin-off start up bringing cutting-edge multi-prong solutions in dementia prevention at an early stage through our innovative and unique products. Our products are based on the combination of the AI-based MR image analyzing platform and the large cohort MRI datasets including the longitudinal MRI datasets for 8 years for healthy adults, backed by over 20 years of dementia studies conducted by the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer at the Tohoku University in Japan.

Not only do we provide novel solutions to medical professionals in the clinical setting but also dementia prevention and lifestyle management solutions directly to the general population to achieve 'Lifelong Healthy Brain'.

Utilizing AI-based MR image analyzing tools and app-based digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions, the entire CogSmart Ecosystem will enable us to contribute to the society by reducing the number of patients affected by dementia and raise awareness of cognitive diseases and related conditions.