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Arovia Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Alexander Wesley

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Arovia gives you the freedom to do more in more places by, ultimately, making a full-size TV or computer monitor that fits in your pocket.

Problem: Customers need large (20+ -inch diagonal) screens as evidenced by large computer monitors and large TVs dominating the office and home.However, mobility is paramount and there is no large and portable display device.

Solution: The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) is a 24-inch HD, battery-powered, display system that collapses for portability and expands in seconds. Use-cases include productivity, tradeshows, video, gaming, and presentations. When fully collapsed, it is the size of a book and weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. SPUD connects to devices via HDMI or wireless adapter. Arovia plans a pocketable version as well as versions with larger screen sizes, touch screens, operating systems, and smartphone apps for wireless connectivity.

Arovia developed and patented (2 utility/1 design patent granted) the material science behind the first projection screen that mitigates wrinkles, the first mechanics for a one-step pop-up collapsible display, and the shortest projection optics currently on the market for a pocket size projector, so SPUD can fit on a desk. SPUD is the only way to have an all-in-one display solution that is larger than 20-inch diagonal, while also maintaining portability.