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AIFA Tech Limited


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AIFA Tech Engineers have over 20-year experience in business system integrations.

Through the continuous accumulation of ICT and hybrid cloud management service best practices, a self-developed fully-featured AI product, the AiNow, has resulted in system-level innovations, it included a cloudy management platform & middleware, Video Intelligence, Business Intelligence and data analyzing platform.

Ai Cloud
– AiNow Hybrid cloud-based artificial intelligence technologies
- Patented 9D Cloud System
- AiNow Hybrid cloud management platform & middleware

Business Intelligence
-Data analyzing platform
-Virtual office with Integrated Solutions
-Virtual meeting platform
- Virtual Events with Integrated Solutions

Education Intelligence
-Smart classroom equipments and Solutions
- Virtual classroom events with Integrated Solutions

-ICT Service
-Cloud database server Design and Deployment
-Video AI Upscaling
-New Media service
-Data Consolidation, Migration ,Visualization & Analytics
-Customized, Constructed Dashboard Interface
-Customized Data Functionality and Security
-Relevant product R &D
-Client-agency collaboration