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A-China Semiconductor Limited

+852 9259 8882
Mr. Henry CHEN

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As a group of Hong Kong people with extensive experience in IC design, solution development and international trade, we use our own patented technology to develop a series of 32-bit MCUs, with the goal of creating our own products, brands, and exporting "Hong Kong-made MCU" to the world.

Each 32-bit MCU with its own natural created ID, use to protect your firmware and data, the ID is created during the silicon process, which is reliable, durable, and unpredictable for higher encryption key protection and confidential data exchange purposes. The idea is similar to the human fingerprint. The applications include authentication for IoT, smart locks, smart car keys, smart ID cards etc.
Powerful specification at a very low cost
32 bit MCU, ARM M0, 16-25Mhz, 20K flash, 4K Sram, 512bytes EEPROM, PUF 1024 bits, 12 bit 1MSPS SAR ADC, 3x16 bits timer, watchdog, 28 GPIO, 7 channel 16 bits PWM, 2xUART, SPI, I2C, TSSOP 20/LQFP48/QFN32