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HKSTP Showcases World-Class Innovation with Home-Grown Tech Ventures at International ICT Expo 2022

Startups from HKSTP join hands to showcase their innovative solutions at Hong Kong’s flagship ICT event

13 Oct 2022

Photo 1: HKSTP joins ICT Expo 2022 with 16 home-grown tech ventures from Science Park, with the visit from Prof. Sun Dong, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry.

Photo 1: HKSTP joins ICT Expo 2022 with 16 home-grown tech ventures from Science Park, with the visit from Prof. Sun Dong, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry.

(Hong Kong, 13 October 2022) – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) leads 16 home-grown tech ventures from Science Park to showcase their innovation at the International ICT Expo 2022 from 13-16 October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). 

At the HKSTP pavilion (booth number: 1D-E02), the featured tech ventures showcase their latest market-ready solutions in digital business, governance and infrastructure, smart living, and transportation and mobility. Attendees will have the chance to experience innovative solutions such as self-generated visual content powered by deep-learning technology (by Pantheon Lab), blockchain data storage and transaction (by D-Engraver), multi-camera live broadcast solution (by Solvewhere Software) and underground pipeline inspection robots (by Bonbon-X). 

Kiki Wang, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programmes, HKSTP, said, “The HKSTP pavilion this year demonstrates the strength of incubatees and graduates of our incubation programmes. Their presence at Asia’s leading information and communications technology fair will create new opportunities for them to connect with new partners and customers beyond Hong Kong.”

Kiki continued, “ HKSTP’s expanding infrastructure and ecosystem across Hong Kong has sparked over 40% growth to over 1,100 startups and tech ventures from over 20 countries and regions. In the past four years, there were over 220 investment cases within Science Park, raising a total of HK$80.2 billion.  Talent is the critical foundation for innovation success and HKSTP has built up Hong Kong’s largest R&D community of 18,000 people, of which 11,000 are research and development professionals. This year we also witnessed a record-breaking 278 graduates from our incubation programmes. All these achievements highlight Hong Kong’s huge progress as an international innovation and technology hub, fueling the growth of Hong Kong economy in the long run.”

In addition to the pavilion, founders from three HKSTP companies, namely PanopticAI, Open Ocean, and InnoSpire Technology, will also share their views on how technology shapes a better future for all at a seminar on Saturday, 15 October from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at “The Stage” of the ICT Expo.

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List of exhibiting HKSTP tech ventures

*Pantheon Lab Limited

They use deep-learning technology to create software applications in developing quality and self-generated visual content, including images, videos and virtual humans to serve marketing, creative and content industries.

*D-Engraver Limited

They focus on blockchain data storage and transaction technology which any data stored in their blockchain database cannot be tampered or removed and can only be read by people with view access.

*SolveWhere Software Limited

They develop a multi-camera live broadcast solution, MixTra-Cam allowing the users to use smartphone and  tablet to perform multi-cam live broadcast.

*Bonbon-X Limited

They specialise in underground pipeline inspection robots that minimise the need for human-entry inspection method.

**PanopticAI Limited

Their award-winning camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution provides users with holistic analysis of health conditions simply by using camera of smartphones, tablets or computers.

**Open Ocean

Their electric and self-driving robot boats automate marine services including goods delivery, trash collection, pollution clearing, inspections and data monitoring.

**InnoSpire Technology Limited

Their solution combines with software app and hardware smart glasses to provide hybrid human-AI detection for the elderly and visually impaired people.

Pons Company Limited

Their mobile app empowers companies and creators with AI tools to co-create environmental, social and governance (ESG)-friendly non-fungible token (NFT) corporate gifts with additional benefits.

AI Guided Limited

They specialise in AI, haptic-reflex actuation, and environmental visualization, especially for smart cities, social connectivity, and social welfare applications.

Datax Limited

They deliver end-to-end OCR AI solutions for corporates in digitalising documents with hand-written and typed text and extracting them into structured data fields.

Inovo Robotics

They develop modular robots to address the problems and provide solutions for automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks.

GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited

They specialise in creating compact size travel routers and gateways that are highly efficient at running VPN or SD-WAN, which makes them a powerful security option for remote workforce using the enterprise network or network communications between multiple offices or stores.

Apricot Medical Technology Limited

Their all-in-one clinic platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and powerful analytics tools to take healthcare practices to next-level operational and financial excellence.

Point Fit Technology Limited

Their fatigue monitoring system provides maximum convenience and real-time analysis for athletes to optimise their on-court performance without worrying about over-training or injury.

XOXO Beverages limited

They apply automation into the traditional bartending industry, to simplify everything with just one click.

ONEs Software Limited

They offer an all-in-one smart office system that helps companies in different industries and organisations establish smart offices and adapt to the changing hybrid office model.

*Anchor exhibitors

**Seminar speakers


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