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HKSTP Fuels Green Innovation at ReThink HK 2023 Igniting a Sustainable Future for Hong Kong

15 Sep 2023

Key Takeaways

  • HKSTP and its 100+ green tech ventures are shaping a sustainable ecosystem for Hong Kong to emerge as an international green tech and green finance hub.
  • HKSTP's engagement in ReThink HK 2023 aligns with its vision of advocating sustainability through technology and promoting technology development through sustainable practices.
  • The HKSTP Pavilion, with 8 Park companies showcasing cutting-edge green solutions, attracted visitors from business leaders to innovators.

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2023) - As Hong Kong's Innovation and Technology (I&T) flagship, The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is committed to attaining net-zero emissions by 2045, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With its 100+ green tech ventures and partners, HKSTP is shaping a green technology ecosystem and driving sustainable climate-focused I&T development and actively participated in ReThink HK 2023, a renowned platform for organisations to embed sustainable business practices.

This engagement aligns with HKSTP's vision of advocating sustainability through technology and promoting technology development through sustainable practices. Together with eight pioneering Park companies, HKSTP set up a Pavilion to showcase cutting-edge green solutions to business leaders, innovators, policymakers and sustainability experts. 

Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP, emphasised the organisation's commitment to catalysing sustainability through technology and collaboration. He stated, "At HKSTP, we cultivate climate solutions, empower innovators and accelerate commercialisation of their innovation to drive impact to society. Through partnership with various sectors, HKSTP strives to guide Hong Kong’s transformation into a flourishing hub for green tech and green finance, echoing the objective set by the Financial Secretary in the Budget Speech."

Photo 1 and 2: Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP, attended ReThink HK 2023 and shared at a panel discussion themed ‘Hong Kong’s Net-Zero Pathway: Coming Together for Our Decisive Decade’ that HKSTP strives to guide the city’s transformation into a flourishing hub for green tech and green finance.

Photo 3: Tse Chin-wan, Secretary for Environment and Ecology visited HKSTP’’s Pavilion and explored the cutting-edge green solutions from 8 Park companies, including Carbon Exchange, Carnot Innovation, Hong Kong Nation - Synergy International Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd., i2Cool Limited, Luquos Energy Ltd, Sensestek Solutions Ltd, MioTech and Volar Aerospace Limited.

Photo 4: Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP (third from left) visited the heavy-duty truck showcased at ReThink HK 2023. The truck was developed by HKSTP’s Park company, Windrose HK Holdings Limited, a developer specialising in zero-carbon energy and intelligent heavy-duty trucks solutions.

Photo 5: HKSTP co-hosted a thematic session themed 'Green Tech for Low Carbon City Transition'.  Moderated by Barry Kwong, Director, Sustainability of HKSTP, industry leaders explored the role of green technology in achieving a low-carbon future for Hong Kong in the discussion.

Appendix - List of HKSTP tech ventures exhibiting at ReThink HK 2023:

Company Name

Business Overview

Carbon Exchange


ESGBOT develops software specifically designed to support sustainable investing. Being a long-standing partner company of HKSTP since 2010, the company has successfully created a smart Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that helps corporate users complete their ESG reporting with ease. Backed by a team of green professionals and FinTech specialists, ESGBOT is committed to creating innovative solutions that bridge the gaps in the corporate industry’s low-carbon transition.

Carnot Innovation

A graduate of the HKSTP’s Incu-Tech programme, Carnot Innovations Limited was founded in 2018 with the vision to become the autonomous brain behind truly smart buildings. The company has developed a groundbreaking AI algorithm that dynamically optimises the operational performance of commercial buildings. Their technology generates continuous energy and maintenance cost savings, extends building lifecycles, and enhances occupant comfort via optimised energy consumption levels. Currently, Carnot Innovations has deployed their AI-based building energy optimisation solution in over 90 buildings in Asia, helping enterprises consistently reduce their carbon emissions and achieve their ESG targets.

Hong Kong Nation - Synergy International Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd.


Established in 2015, Sinosynergy is a high-tech hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer committed to providing high-quality products and sophisticated system solutions for customers. The company boasts a world-leading hydrogen fuel cell stack production line built in 2017. Thanks to its strong R&D and production capabilities, Sinosynergy has emerged as a leader in China’s market, applying its hydrogen technology and products across various sectors, including transportation, power generation, and energy storage.

i2Cool Limited

I2Cool Limited, a technology start-up incubated by HK TECH 300 at the City University of Hong Kong and HKSTP, has developed an electricity-free cooling technology that utilises strong solar reflection and radiative heat dissipation using the mid-infrared (MIR) wavelength range. Their first product, iPaint, reduces buildings’ energy consumption by lowering AC system cooling loads. This innovative paint has a high 95.06% solar reflectivity and a 95.2%. thermal emission rate. The solution effectively reduces both surface and indoor temperatures by 40 °C and 10 °C, respectively, resulting in a remarkable 42% energy saving in air cooling.

Luquos Energy Ltd

Luquos Energy develops advanced battery technology for sustainable development. Founded in Hong Kong in 2020, the team is led by Prof. Yi-Chun Lu from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Their innovative battery uses inflammable aqueous electrolytes and earth-abundant active materials for energy storage, making their solutions inherently safe, low-cost, and eco-friendly. The team’s novel ion-exchange membrane greatly improves the battery’s lifetime, extending it to more than 15 years. The team is currently developing kW-scale battery products tailored for energy storage applications of renewable energy storage, uninterruptible power sources, smart micro grids, EV solar chargers, and more.

Sensestek Solutions Ltd

Sensestek specialises in IoT applications, with a particular focus on LoRaWAN EnvironmenTech solutions. Through peer collaboration, the company has enhanced its circular economy approach to address the local food waste problem. Their solutions help customers comply with ESG and sustainability practices for achieving substantial decarbonisation outcomes.


MioTech uses artificial intelligence to solve sustainability, climate change, carbon emissions, and social responsibility challenges for financial institutions, corporations, governments and individuals. Offering a comprehensive coverage of ESG data, the company helps financial institutions make informed decisions in green finance, and make responsible investments. Additionally, its software helps corporations manage ESG reporting, improve energy efficiency, as well as track and reduce their carbon emissions. Furthermore, MioTech’s app builds green-conscious communities and encourages individuals to adopt low-carbon lifestyles.

Volar Aerospace Limited

Based in HKSTP, Volar Aerospace is a global pioneer in green aviation, with a specific focus on developing countries. The company holds a three-fold mission (3E’s). Through its technology, Volar aims to empower the development of green aviation ecosystems, and attract more users to adopt green modes of transport. The company is also dedicated to raising awareness on the benefits of decarbonisation in the transportation sector.



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