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HKSTP and HYAB Co-organise “Youth Start-up Internship Programme” to Boost I&T Talent Pool

Creating approximately 100 internships with startups to spark Hong Kong’s innovation development

11 Jan 2023

Photo 1: HKSTP and HYAB Co-organise the “Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2023”, under which HKSTP will provide around 100 internship openings for teenagers to experience and acquire industry knowledge, and seize I&T opportunities in their youth.

(Hong Kong, 11 January 2023)Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) and the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB) have co-organised the “Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2023” to provide tertiary students with internship opportunities at local startups and grow the critical talent pool to drive the city’s innovation and technology (I&T) development.

The programme has generated overwhelming response, with more than 50 participating HKSTP park companies offering a total of approximately 100 cross-disciplinary internship placements. These include roles in: data analysis, software engineering, marketing, design, among other cutting-edge technologies and related skills. Participating students will acquire industry skills, professional knowledge and work experience, as well as build their personal network through collaborating with I&T leaders. In addition to internships, HKSTP will also provide students with complimentary training and entrepreneurship activities. Upon graduation, participating students may qualify for priority job matching upon graduation.

Ms Fanny Wong, Head of Talent & Human Resources, HKSTP, said: “We are excited and honoured to co-organise the “Youth Start-up Internship Programme” with HYAB. Talent is the key to a thriving and growing I&T ecosystem for Hong Kong. HKSTP is working closely with the government, industry, academic and research sectors to launch multiple talent programmes to establish Hong Kong as the region-leading hub for local, Greater Bay Area and international I&T talents. The HYAB programme internships allow tertiary students before to explore and identify career paths ahead of graduation that suit their interests and backgrounds, while seizing the golden opportunities in Hong Kong’s I&T development by equipping themselves at an early stage.”

The current internships last 3-6 months and applicants must be full-time local post-secondary students (including students of sub-degree, undergraduate and post-graduate courses) holding a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card. Participating companies will be subsidised by the Government to engage interns on a full-time, part-time or mixed basis, more information on the internship programme is now available at the Programme Webpage.

Interested parties should submit applications to the available companies via the programme webpage. Participating companies will be responsible for the assessment and selection of applicants, as well as the implementation of the internship arrangements.


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