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ZeeqClean Technology Limited

Unit 639, 6/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 59774772
Mr. Zicong Li

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ZeeqClean Technology Limited, founded in 2022, is a robotic technology company that provides our clients with high-standard, consistently efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable washroom cleaning services via automation and AI technology.

Unlike existing floor cleaning and disinfection robots, ZeeqClean strives to tackle the worst part - commercial washroom cleaning. ZeeqClean solves three major pain points on the market: ZeeqClean can help commercial building management mitigate cleaning labour shortage and spiraling labour costs; it can reduce the huge workload of toilet cleaners and the time they stay in dirty work environment, greatly enhance efficiency and effectiveness of commercial toilet cleaning; and it can ensure the toilet cleaning outcome to a standardized sterile level.

Our first product, the automatic commercial washroom cleaning robot ZC-01™, provides intelligent and automatic cleaning solutions for large-volume public washrooms and enhances environmental hygiene. The core functions of ZC-01™ are toilet bowl and urinal cleaning, where we integrate non-visionary LiDAR navigation, contactless high-pressure spray cleaning, drying, and UV irradiation to achieve strong cleaning capability.

After detecting all users have left the washroom, the robot will self-navigate to washroom compartments, extend the waterproof shell, and start cleaning with highly-pressurized spray. ZeeqClean innovatively adopts contactless pressurized spraying to avoid secondary pollution from conventional scrubbing. The robot can lift the toilet lid for cleaning, automatically dry the toilet bowls or urinals after cleaning and begin ultraviolet sterilization. To protect toilet users’ privacy under unexpected situations, ZeeqClean also exploits non-visionary sensors to navigate and avoid obstacles.