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Telefield Medical Imaging Limited

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Founded in 2012, Telefield Medical Imaging Limited (TMIL) is a leading global provider of 3D ultrasound imaging technology, equipment and solutions.
After 20 years of technical research and 10 years of clinical exploration, our 3D ultrasound imaging technology platform has 19 global first and leading technologies. It can provide early diagnosis of chronic diseases, monitoring of spinal deformity and bone deformation. Our radiation-free solutions help orthopaedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine and other fields make diagnosis and treatment more precise, standardised and visualised.

Scolioscan® is the world's first and only ultrasound scoliosis assessment system with over 26 patent clusters and over 100 patents in total. The Scoliosis Assessment System has been clinically tested and used in hospitals and clinics in Europe, Australia, and China. It has won many major awards in international innovation competitions and has proven its reliability and accuracy in more than 20 international medical publications.