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SPES Electronic Limited

+852 64434713
Dr. Ming MAN

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SPES Electronic Limited (SPES) was formed in Sep 2019. Based in Hong Kong Science Park, serving the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the company vision is to become a world-class technology & product developer in power electronics. Our mission is to research, develop, and mass-produce high-end Si & wide-band-gap (WBG) based power electronics, particularly for telecommunication market, through 1) building core R&D competencies as well as leveraging R&D resources, including HK & Mainland strategy partners (including ASTRI, CASA, BICI, PKU, SCUT, GDUT, etc.) to form comprehensive IP portfolio;  2) Mass producing and conducting rigorous quality control of high-end power electronics products, and accelerating the time to market in GBA & Mainland China.  In the next few years, the company is expected to build-up its brand name in high-end power electronics, and is to become the leader in technology & product development in GBA.

Domestic power electronic products cannot meet high-end needs and applications.
Therefore, the company will develop and mass-produce high-end power module based on Si and WBG semiconductor covering from low to high power level in various applications (e.g., PC & server, EV & HEV, robotics, aero-plane, etc.), those are essential to WBG industry and GBA development. SPES will focus on the development and mass-production of power module including non-isolated DC-DC (e.g., point of load) and isolated DC-DC (e.g., power brick) using 3D packaging technology with advantages in high power density and convert efficiency. Non-isolated DC-DC would achieve ultra-low power loss (target of >40% less than tier-one product). Isolated DC-DC will be GaN- based with 3D packaging technology to achieve high power density [≥500W (1/8 brick) and ≥1000W (1/4 brick)] and high efficiency (>97%).

In the next 2~3 years, we will enrich power module product portfolio [by developing Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT), smart power hub, etc.] and seek to develop power ICs used in existing power module products and power system integrated by power module products. SPES will be a world-class technology and product developer in power electronic and WBG industries.