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Sengital Limited

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Sengital Limited is established in 2004 and is now located at Hong Kong Science Park. We are strong in motion sensing technology, wireless technology, embedded system and IT system etc. Sengital is a design and engineering service company offering a low cost but high value added package to all customers, gets involved into different technology aspects and consultancy. We are active in the industry and participate in different competitions and presentations. With top class technical team with strong research and development experience, Sengital has won many awards, such as the Gold Award of Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Information) Award in HKICTA 2014, Technological Achievement Award, Innovation and Creativity Award in HKAI 2013, Merit in APICTA Awards 2013 and so on.

Sengital has two major business lines, including: Develop interactive solutions and Design & develop consumer electronic & smart devices. We aim to bring the interactive solutions to different exhibitions and museums which make them become unique and technological. We offer different solutions, including interactive exhibits design & fabrication and games or apps design & development. Consumer electronic & smart devices, like smart home and e-learning are also our main focus with our wireless communications technology. We also create our product brand like PhotoGPS and DigiTouch with different applications.