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Previsico Asia Limited

+852 9372 7449
Dr. Mingfu Guan

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Previsico is a global provider of real-time street level flood warnings. These are produced using live modelling to enable people and organisations to proactively mitigate flood impacts. Our mission is to be the leading global provider of cutting-edge flood prediction that saves lives and livelihoods. This requires continuous innovation through harnessing the leading information sources and technological developments to maximise the prediction’s quality and its impact on those affected by flooding.

Our FloodMap Live produces round the clock street-level flood risk predictions and analytics.

Data feed
Our APIs seamlessly integrates with risk management portals or other mapping applications to regularly deliver nowcasts and forecasts.

Visualisation tool
Platform to enable customers to view timelines of predictions as well as review historical events.

Tailored alerts
Customers can receive real-time alerts on the likelihood of their assets or vulnerable areas being flooded.

Analytics solutions
We provide a range of bespoke and off the shelf analytical solutions including maps and infographics showing the accessibility of operations teams. This enables customers to: (1) identify key assets at risks of flooding and (2) evaluate the wider flood impacts on their services.

Our FloodMap software is an intuitive two-dimensional flood modelling tool widely used in many applications, including surface water, fluvial and coastal flood modelling.