Company Details

O-Spheres Limited

Unit 1017, 10/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
Professor To Ngai

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We are:
• “O” – Pursuing infinite innovations to build a greener globe as our vision
• “Spheres” – Embracing our core technology, “hollow microspheres” as a solution to tackle the world’s environmental challenges
• With the innovative hollow microsphere technology as the core technology, O-Spheres is committed to providing customized R&D and production services that help customers of different industries achieve different product goals. In addition to overcoming the current market pain points with the core technology, the company also upholds the value of the United Nations’ "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", aiming to alleviate environmental challenges through innovations.

We offer:
• Eco-physical UV filters to eradicate the microplastics associated with personal care products
• Market-leading anti-sedimentation white ink to revolutionize the ink production without VOC emission
• Customised hollow microsphere manufacturing service


With our science-backed and evidence-based research, we offer tailor-made preparatory methods to manufacture novel eco- (“polymer-free shell”) hollow composite particles and all-inorganic-based submicron hollow particles including silica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and zirconium dioxide with sizes down to ~200 – 800 nm. Tailor-made preparation conditions enable manufacturing sophisticated hollow particles with precisely controlled physical properties, such as shell thickness, permeability, mechanical strength and biocompatibility, etc. The technology has been successfully applied to white ink printing and also developed into eco-physical UV filters to eradicate the microplastics associated with personal care products. The heightening demand for hollow microspheres in the global market shows the potential development of hollow microsphere-based products.