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O-Matic Intelligent Robot Limited

Carlos LEE

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We have over 20 years of experience from US and Euro in manufacturing, includes R&D in automation machineries, software, ERP system and know how in plastic injection, sheet metal, electronics and robotic. We obtained patents on core manufacture processing method, we can provide you with prototyping, mechanical design, QC specifications, approvals, certifications and export services. We don’t just provide products, we provide you with a suitable plan for your necessities, a TURNKEY system.

Large Area Cable Robot, Buildings Wall Processing System, Wall Cleaning Systems, Warehouse Automation System, Wall Inspection System, Construction Numerical Control Vertical Hoister, Full or semi automation production line, Standard 6 Axis Robotic Arm, High Power CO2 Laser Machine, Hydroforming Machines, CNC Polishing Machines, Lapping Machines, Quality Control Machines, Robotic Welding System for indoor and outdoor.