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Locolla Limited

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Locolla is guided by a set of core beliefs that drive its operations and mission in the shared micro-mobility industry. We firmly believe in promoting sustainability through low-carbon travel options, striving to create a greener future for urban environments. Locolla embraces innovation and technology, continuously seeking to improve its products and services to enhance user experiences. They prioritise the needs of their users, aiming to provide convenient, reliable, and affordable travel solutions that prioritise user satisfaction. Additionally, Locolla values collaboration and partnerships, actively engaging with government agencies and stakeholders to contribute to the development of smart and sustainable transportation infrastructure. These beliefs shape Locolla's commitment to creating a more sustainable, connected, and user-centric approach to urban mobility.

Locolla is a shared micro-mobility company founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Through its self-developed technology and products, Locolla provides shared bicycles, electric-assist bicycles, and other low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel services to Hong Kong citizens, promoting the transformation of the transportation industry in Hong Kong towards a more intelligent and sustainable direction.

LocoBike is the most well-known brand under Locolla, being the largest shared bicycle platform in Hong Kong, with tens of thousands of bicycles supporting tens of thousands of rides every day. The LocoBike app has over 500,000 registered users. Locolla is also the first company in Hong Kong to offer shared electric mobility services, with a range of low-carbon transportation options such as electric scooters and electric-assist bicycles. Utilising artificial intelligence and big data technology, Locolla continuously optimises fleet dispatching and product services, providing efficient and convenient user experiences to meet the diverse travel needs of different users.

At the same time, Locolla has established close cooperation with the Hong Kong government and relevant departments. In 2022, Locolla participated in the development and operation of the first 2-kilometre-long intelligent bicycle lane on Hong Kong Island. In this project, Locolla assisted the government in developing the related app and Internet of Things (IoT) system and was responsible for the daily operation and management of the bicycle lane. This marked Locolla's first collaboration with the government, expanding the company's business scope into the fields of public infrastructure and urban planning.

In 2023, Locolla once again partnered with the Transport Department to launch the first pilot programme for shared electric mobility in the New Territories. This new collaboration further demonstrates Locolla's commitment and corporate responsibility in the sustainable urban transportation field. With its existing technological and operational advantages and close cooperation with the government, Locolla can quickly launch innovative services that align with government policy directions, bringing affordable and convenient travel experiences to a wider range of citizens.